About Us

The Sivaya is your reliable hub for getting some of the most aesthetically pleasing wall paintings, photo frames, glass decorative, decorative wooden boxes. At The Sivaya, we celebrate traditional art and intricate designs that evoke cultural ethos and brings in the much needed charm of the timeless art of Indian subcontinent. From the traditional Madhubani paintings that exhibit the intricacies of rich Indian culture to the more contemporary paintings to give an upbeat décor to your living spaces, The Sivaya has got you covered for all types of paintings and decorative made of glass and wood! It is time you embraced the artwork that elevates every corner of your house with its pristine designs and color play.
Since we understand the need of that extra personal touch which an individual wants to flaunt on their decorative and paintings, we also churn out customized line of wall paintings, photo frames glass decorative, decorative wooden boxes.
Check out our exclusive range across categories and revamp your interior spaces with subtlety and elegance!