₹7,874.25 ₹10,499.00 25% off Ex Tax: ₹7,874.25

"Budhha"  : The nineth incarnation of God Vishnu, and the supreme god initiating Buddhism, Buddha in his meditative state is known to bring calm, silence, and contentment. The mantra that forms the positive background of this painting describes the utter surrender to the Buddha. With his left h..

Krishna flute
₹7,874.25 ₹10,499.00 25% off Ex Tax: ₹7,874.25

"Krishna flute ": Playing the enchanting tune of bliss and love, Krishna along with nature is depicting the everlasting harmonious relationship between the nature 'prakriti' and human 'purush'. To the either side of his face, the pair of peacock ties to the compassion and kindness in the supreme bei..

Machhli raas
₹7,874.25 ₹10,499.00 25% off Ex Tax: ₹7,874.25

"Machhli Raas" : Enchanted by the moment, this symmetrical design of elegant dance by a group of fish is known to be the harbinger of prosperity. The blooming flowers along with the happy creatures attract positive energy in the form of fertility, love, success, growth, and wealth. An ideal addition..

The peacock
₹7,874.25 ₹10,499.00 25% off Ex Tax: ₹7,874.25

"The Peacock ":This gracefully dancing peacock showering elegance, prosperity, aesthetics, and love. Intricate design showcasing the rainy clouds, coupled with blossoming fields, and blooming vines of leaves, sets the positive happy atmosphere. With the onset of Monsoon, the season that brings showe..

The vignaharta
₹10,499.00 Ex Tax: ₹10,499.00

"THE VIGNAHARTA" : Introducing THIS INTRICATELY DETAILED MADHUBANI PAINTING OF THE MOST AUSPICIOUS SHREE GANESH JI, Radiating positive energy into your home. Celebrate the divine presence of Shri Ganesh, the harbinger of good fortune and remover of obstacles. Handcrafted by the very  skilled ar..

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Religious art is not something that is a modern form of home décor or interior design but something that is celebrated since thousands of years. This is the reason why countries especially India are inspired by religious art for their paintings. Religious art in form of paintings and other items is not just a mere décor but a representation of religion in the most beautiful way. 

What is religious art?

Talking about religious art in India, It is basically inspired by the rich mythological history of the country or the gods and goddesses of a particular religion. The art is painted by the artist on a canvas with the use of paint and brushes or represents in other forms like idols and showpieces. The hard work, creativity, efforts, and spiritual theme make the art one of the most popular source of home decor in India. People in India buy famous religious paintings made by artists for their living rooms, which can give their homes a spiritual ambience.  

History of religious art

Since the Indus Valley civilization, India has had a strong and ancient history of religious artworks. These religious artworks have survived thousands of years, extreme weather conditions, and so on, but still secure the history of Indian mythology. The paintings, artifacts, showpieces and idols have the mythological histories of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, and many other religions.

Religious art in form of paintings

India is undoubtedly the home of art and is popular for its artistic treasures globally. Religion, mythological tales, and spirituality always boost the popularity of art in India. When it comes to home décor, religious paintings are the most famous and convenient form of art by which people can easily transform a living room into a space that can have a spiritual essence. Below are some religious paintings that are popular in India and worldwide.

  • Radha-Krishna paintings: The religious paintings of Radha-Krishna are not just a spiritual art portrait; they are a symbol of love, devotion, and the representation of our mythological history. Decorating a home with an enlarged Radha-Krishna painting on the wall is a symbol of devotion in India
  • Paintings of Shiva: Shiva is the most powerful and supreme god in Hinduism. Decorating a space in your home with a Shiva painting creates an aura filled with pure energies. There are different forms of Shiva on which Indian religious paintings are inspired, such as the Shiva Tandava form, the Natraja form, the form of Adiyogi, and so on.
  • Buddhism Paintings: In India, Buddha paintings and idols are also one of the most popular religious artworks. People who believe in Vastu also decorate their homes with Buddha paintings. The popular form of Buddha sitting in meditation is one of the most famous paintings.
  • Paintings on Sikh Gurus: These paintings represent the Sikh Gurus and their sacrifices for the nation. People always find paintings of their gurus to decorate their homes.
  • Islamic art paintings: ancient and contemporary Islamic art paintings are popular among home décor enthusiasts, especially believers in Islam. Paintings of famous pilgrimages to Islam are also the most demanded ones.